Welcome to Plurel.net, a website dedicated to raising awareness on the urgent need for effective and sustainable environment policies!

The content of the site

I started writing on this blog in 2016, after an awareness of the state of emergency we are in. I’m not talking about politics, I’m talking about the environment! Global warming is a reality.

I think that everyone can act to slow down or even prevent the disaster. So I decided to change my lifestyle to adopt responsible and ecological reflexes in my daily life. But I didn’t want to do this alone in my corner. I wanted to share my experiences.

On this blog, I share my experience and thoughts with you. I try to reduce my environmental impact in many ways, in many aspects of my daily life. It’s not always easy, but the important thing is to try! This ecological awareness has led me to review my way of life in general. Thanks to my approach, it is my lifestyle as a whole that has improved.

Since 2018, the editorial line has changed. I wanted to bring the blog’s content to zero waste through practical sheets. I now see it as a website, an online guide, even if the blog part still exists.

Here are some of the topics covered on this site:

  • Technology: impact of our consumption of high-tech products on the planet
  • Zero waste: all my advice on adopting a zero waste approach.
  • Food: recipes and tips for eating well.
  • Reading: to learn and be informed on all subjects.