Black & Decker FSMH1621 The Most Versatile Premium Steam Cleaner


At Plurel, we do care about the environment and wanted to introduce our readers to a great piece of tech that will have a minimal impact on your beloved planet!

Presentation and Features

The Black & Decker FSMH1621 is not just a simple steam cleaner and mop, as its removable tank can be transformed into a hand-held steam cleaner.

ghksbgkbkvbskbkbfkwbfbwkbqThis 2-in-1 function, made possible by the addition of a flexible hose on the tank, makes it possible to clean much more than just the floors. Several accessories are provided to be able to wash, also, the tiled walls of the bathroom, for example, but also to clean the windows of the house or even to open up all the joints.

Useful as a portable cleaner, it is also valuable for its primary function as a steam brush. With Autoselect technology, the steam flow rate is adjustable according to the floor (it is effective on all types of floors since an adapter for carpets and carpets is available).

To cope with certain more encrusted tasks, its Boost Steam button allows you to generate 50% more steam for 10 seconds. Also, thanks to its 3.5kg once filled and 180° swivel head, it is quite maneuverable, and it finally has a “parking” position that makes it stand on its own and automatically puts it in standby mode.

It can be used very quickly, its heating time is only 15 seconds, and with its 0.35L tank, it offers an autonomy of up to 16 minutes. Equipped with an anti-limestone filter, it can be filled with tap water or demineralized water, and the two microfibre and nylon pads provided are machines washable.

Advantages and disadvantages

agshgdshjfsruheswwwwwwwThe Black & Decker FSMH1621 is a well-designed steam brush, regarding power, ease of use and versatility. With a pressure of up to 4 bar, it disinfects quickly and effectively removes even the driest and most encrusted stains on the floor. Also, with the three different settings present directly on its handle (tile/lino/parquet), it can be used everywhere very quickly.

It’s hard not to be seduced by the removable tank, which is transformed into a handheld steam cleaner. With its wide range of accessories, it can be used anywhere in the house: for example, you can use chemical-free cleaning inside the oven, but you can also use steam to clean all the windows.
The squeegee is undoubtedly a little small (for glass windows, mainly), but at least it is a great help to carry out this other regular household task more quickly!

The only regrettable detail in this device is its small tank and low range. With only about fifteen minutes of use, it is necessary to fill the tank several times during a major cleaning operation. We console ourselves by thinking that at least, with only 15 seconds of waiting, the heating time is very fast and that it doesn’t waste too much time.


Our rating is 4,3 of 5

With its 2-in-1 function, the Black & Decker FSMH1621 is an ideal steam brush for cleaning and disinfecting far more than the home floor. Well designed and equipped with many accessories, it is easy to use in any situation.

And although the tank is a little too small, it is understandable that the manufacturer wants to keep it light and manageable once in the steam hand wash mode. A steam brush that is fast, efficient and versatile, and can justify the financial investment it requires.